Induction Cooking
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Induction Cooking

Of all the stove top, induction cooktop is more eco-friendly.Switch to induction cooking for greater energy saving.


When an induction cook top is switched on the induction coil below the glass or ceramic plate is electrically charged which creates a magnetic field. When a ferromagnetic cooking vessel is placed above the induction coil, the electrons in cooking vessel gets agitated and starts to spin in the direction of the magnetic field causing the electrons in the vessel to heat up and cook the food eventually.

Food are cooked much faster on induction cook top when compared to electric or gas stove since energy is transferred directly from the cook surface into the cookware. It boils a liter of water in just 3 minutes. Efficiency is 90% in Induction cook top when compared to 65% in electric cook top and 45% in gas cook top. Unlike gas or electric stove induction cook top do not generate their own heat and the surface cools many times faster than its counterparts when switched off. With no naked flame your kitchen remains much cooler and safer making your kitchen eco-friendly. Since foods are cooked faster less nutritional Value is lost. Unburnt Cooking gas does contain harmful substances that go into cooked food and to the atmosphere. This is totally eliminated in induction cooking.

With shortage of cooking gas supply and increasing cost, Induction cook top is an ideal alternate. Induction cook top are automated to a great extent. Latest microprocessor controls the cooking process. Cooking time and temperature are shown on the display which can be preset. Temperature can be adjusted easily from 50 to 250 degree Centigrade. You can boil, cook, simmer warm the food. Sensors shut down induction cooker when the cookware is overheating. you can cut down the fuel cost by 50%.Induction cook tops are very compact making it portable. Because of latest technological advancement and mass production the cost of Induction cook top have come down drastically making it affordable to everyone.

There are some limitations in using induction cook top. Glass, ceramics copper, aluminum cookware cannot be used. Only ferromagnetic flat bottom cookware can be used. There is a possibility, that the glass top can be broken accidentally on impact. Electromagnetic radiation may affect the persons with implanted cardiac pacemakers or other electronic medical implants when they are near to the induction cook tops. Electromagnetic interference is observed on electronic gadgets and equipments.Old habits die hard. So It is time to change your old gas and electric hob to environmentally green induction cook top now. 

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